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Every online store owner knows that the key to success is a satisfied customer. But what do you do when a customer isn’t fully satisfied with their purchase and wants to return it? The answer is simple: provide the best possible conditions for them to make the return. Here are some ways to streamline this process in your store.

Streamlining the order process

Let’s start at the beginning – with the order process itself. Have you ever thought about how much you can achieve by ensuring simplicity and intuitiveness in this process? Consider this: the fewer steps to complete the order, the less chance there is for customer frustration and, consequently, fewer returns. Add high-quality images, detailed product descriptions, and popular payment methods to increase user trust and comfort.

Navigation and information accessibility

A key element is the ease of navigating the store. Ensuring that customers can quickly find the products and information they’re interested in minimizes the risk of dissatisfaction and subsequent returns. Is your site optimized for mobile devices? Are the categories logically organized? Regular reviews and optimizations of these aspects are essential.

Post-sale service and returns

Now, let’s focus on returns. Many stores still require customers to fill out return forms manually, which is both time-consuming and frustrating. Therefore, it’s worth considering technological solutions that streamline this process. For example, the RetJet platform automates the return process, offering both better user experience (UX) and organizational convenience. This allows customers to make returns more easily and quickly, resulting in greater satisfaction and a higher likelihood of repeat purchases.

Dedicated packaging and systematic analysis

Don’t forget about dedicated packaging, which not only facilitates returns but can also be a distinguishing feature for your brand. Regular reviews of logistical processes and their critical analysis are the next steps to gaining an advantage over the competition.


Remember, every contact a customer has with your store is an opportunity to build a lasting relationship. Pay attention to every detail of the purchasing and post-purchase processes to make the customer feel valued. Improving the return process is not only about greater efficiency but also about building a positive company image. Investing in modern solutions like RetJet is worth it to further optimize and simplify return management, leading to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Checklist for evaluating return and complaint handling in your online store

Do you feel that returns and complaints in your online store need improvement but don’t know where to start? This checklist will help you assess how effective and customer-friendly your current return handling system is. Improving these aspects can significantly increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

1. Return initiation process

  • Can the return process be started directly online (yes/no)?
  • Does the site have an FAQ section about returns with at least 5 questions and answers (yes/no)?

2. Return forms and instructions

  • Does the store offer a digital return form directly on the site without requiring a login (yes/no)?
  • Does the store provide return labels (with the option to generate them) for printing at home (yes/no)?

3. Customer communication

  • Does the store send automatic confirmation of the return request within 24 hours (yes/no)?
  • Is there a dedicated phone number, email address, or other communication method (e.g., in the RMA system) for returns (yes/no)?

4. Return options

  • Does the store offer at least two different methods for returning items, e.g., in-store returns or courier pickup (yes/no)?
  • Does the store offer free returns through at least one method (yes/no)?

5. Return processing time

  • Does the store process returns and send confirmation to the customer within 14 business days of receiving the item (yes/no)?

6. Refunds

  • Does the store issue refunds to the same payment method used for the purchase within 7 business days of accepting the return (yes/no)?

7. Return policy

  • Is the return policy accessible with one click from the main page (yes/no)?
  • Does the return policy explain all return conditions, including deadlines and required documents (yes/no)?

8. Packaging

  • Does the store offer special packaging that facilitates easy product returns (yes/no)?

9. Return process analysis and improvement

  • Does the store conduct annual reviews of the return process to identify areas needing improvement (yes/no)?

10. Technology and innovation

  • Does the store use a dedicated return management system, such as RetJet (yes/no)?

Scoring system for the return and complaint handling checklist

For each point on the list where the answer is “yes,” give yourself 1 point. The maximum number of points is 15, as there are 15 questions.

  • 13-15 points: Return handling is excellent. Processes are very well optimized and customer-friendly.
  • 9-12 points: Return handling is good, but there are areas that may need minor improvements.
  • 5-8 points: Return handling is acceptable, but several key areas require significant improvements.
  • 1-4 points: Return handling is poor and needs major changes to meet customer expectations.
  • 0 points: Return handling is very poor and requires immediate, comprehensive reviews and process changes.
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