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Better returns handling in your online store

RetJet is a platform that facilitates and automates the handling of returns and complaints for your online store, thereby increasing customer trust and satisfaction. It provides customers with simple return forms and store staff with a powerful tool for managing them. Say goodbye to paper forms. Welcome modern, digital management of returns and complaints with RetJet.

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Advantages and benefits

What do you gain with RetJet?

Are you still troubling your customers with paper return forms?
Forget about the old methods. Welcome to RetJet!


RetJet provides automated return management, minimizing team involvement.

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A simple return form prepared by the RetJet team streamlines the return filing process, thus facilitating and speeding up the return process.

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Trust is the currency of online commerce. You can now take care of this purchasing factor with RetJet.

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Analyze and derive insightful conclusions with RetJet reports. Gain an edge over the competition.

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