RetJet is an innovative SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that automates the management of returns and complaints in online stores. Our tool allows customers to easily report returns, and sellers to effectively monitor and manage them through an intuitive panel.

RetJet aims to simplify this process for both sellers and customers, while increasing the efficiency of return handling and customer satisfaction.

No need to install additional modules

Using RetJet does not require the installation of any additional modules in your store. All you need is access to your online store’s API. Simply configure your store in the RetJet panel, and our platform will start working. Simple, fast, and convenient.

Dedicated return form

RetJet revolutionizes the return process by offering an easily accessible form that integrates directly with your store. This allows customers to easily find their orders and select products for return, enjoying the convenience and speed of the process. Additionally, RetJet enables immediate generation of shipping labels, ensuring the comprehensiveness and fluidity of the entire return process from A to Z.

Monitoring the return process

RetJet makes it easier for store employees to monitor the history and current stages of returns, and also reminds them of the approaching deadline for taking action related to the return. This tool ensures compliance with regulations and builds trust among buyers. Each step of the return process is communicated to the customer, increasing efficiency and transparency in handling returns.

Automatic rules

RetJet also offers automatic rules that streamline and speed up the handling of returns, for example, by changing the status of a return or automatically assigning a report to a specific employee. These can be customized to the individual needs of your business and customer preferences.

Analytics in the panel

RetJet provides advanced analytical tools for examining reasons for returns, monitoring statuses, and tracking trends, among others. This information is key to optimizing product descriptions or adjusting the offer. They can also provide an argument in negotiations with suppliers. All this translates into better business decisions and increased customer satisfaction. See what the return process looks like in RetJet

Step 1

Return reporting

The customer finds their order and fills out the return form available on the store’s website. At this stage, they can also generate a shipping label.

Step 2

Return shipping

The customer prints the return confirmation and sends the product, including the printed confirmation in the package.

Step 3

Return acceptance

The store employee opens the package and scans the QR code from the return confirmation, triggering automatic rules.

Step 4

Return decision

Based on the report, the store staff decides on further steps: refunding money or exchanging the product.

RetJet automates the management of returns in your online store. It provides a dedicated form, return process monitoring, automatic rules tailored to business needs, and advanced analytical tools.

The return process is simplified to four steps, which increases efficiency and customer satisfaction. RetJet is a key tool for stores aiming to optimize processes and build customer trust. Join us!

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