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If you are already using RetJet, you surely know how much our platform simplifies return management in your online store. Today, we want to talk about automatic rules – a feature that can significantly streamline your daily work.

Why automation?

Manual return management can be time-consuming and exhausting. Repetitive tasks associated with each return request can take up a lot of time that could be used for other activities. Automatic rules in RetJet are designed to simplify and speed up these processes.

What can you automate?

Automatic rules allow you to trigger specific actions when certain events occur. Here are a few examples:

  • Scanning the QR code of a request: When you scan the QR code, the system automatically changes the return status to “received in warehouse.” You don’t need to manually update the status.
  • Adding a request to the system: A new request can be automatically assigned to a specific team member, eliminating the need for manual task allocation.

You can also define which types of requests these rules should apply to – whether they are returns, complaints, or requests from various sales channels. This gives you full control over the processes.

Real-Life examples

Think about your online store, which handles numerous returns daily. With automatic rules, when a return reaches the warehouse and is scanned, its status automatically changes to “in processing.” Additionally, the request can be automatically assigned to the appropriate team member, streamlining work and reducing confusion.

Benefits of automatic rules

Automation in RetJet primarily means saving time and reducing errors. The system assigns tasks automatically, allowing your team to focus on more complex activities. It also improves work comfort, as everyone knows what they need to do without manually searching through requests.


Automatic rules in RetJet are a tool that can significantly improve return management in your online store. Automate repetitive tasks, save time, and enjoy greater work comfort for you and your team. Discover how much you can gain by automating processes with RetJet.

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