Use case: How RetJet automation shortened the return handling time at Outdoorzy store?

Discover the case of Outdoorzy, specializing in the sale of mountain clothing and accessories. See how, by implementing the RetJet platform, they changed their approach to returns management, making the process faster and more efficient.

Before implementation: daily challenges

Imagine a warehouse where each package is a mystery. No system, paper forms, constant phone calls from customers asking about the status of their returns. Sound familiar? This is exactly the problem Outdoorzy faced.

Additionally, the store managers concluded that without changing the system, further development of the company was impossible – more orders would only mean more chaos.

Implementing RetJet: quick and easy

Outdoorzy decided on RetJet. The process of integrating the store system (in this case, Magento2) with the RetJet platform turned out to be simple and intuitive, which took a maximum of 30 minutes. Configuration on the RetJet side mainly involved adding company data and selecting the appropriate sales channel. The final step was implementing the return form code directly on the store’s website, thus replacing traditional paper forms.

The entire process went smoothly, without the need to involve external agencies or developers, allowing for a quick and trouble-free system launch.

After implementation: everything in its place

Thanks to RetJet, every return is now quickly identified in the warehouse using QR codes, which customers print and attach to their packages. The process of reporting returns by customers is simple and intuitive – just fill out an online form, which ultimately generates the mentioned QR code.

After scanning the code in the warehouse, the system automatically identifies the request. Depending on its type (return or claim), it is assigned to the appropriate team member, ensuring quick and efficient handling. The system also allows direct communication with the customer and coordination of actions within the team, making it easy for a new person to understand the current status of the request and arrangements with the customer.

Benefits: not only faster, but also cheaper

Here’s what changed most at Outdoorzy:

    • Return handling time was reduced from 11 to 5 days.

    • Phone calls and emails asking about the return status from customers were completely eliminated. All communication takes place in RetJet.

    • Warehouse without lingering returns waiting for identification.

Moreover, streamlining the return process cleared a bottleneck in logistics and standardized the entire process. Now one person can comfortably manage returns at Outdoorzy, which means lower operational costs and more resources for other activities.

Thanks to mastering the return handling process, scaling sales is no longer a problem, and sales peaks, which are associated with a higher number of returns, no longer pose a challenge for the store.


Implementing modern solutions like RetJet can significantly contribute to streamlining logistics and customer service processes in your online store. As the Outdoorzy example shows, such changes open the door to more effective scaling of operations and increasing customer satisfaction. Are you ready for such a change in your business?