Use case: How Grinday improved customer service and gained new customer data with RetJet?

In this section, we’ll take a closer look at a specific implementation in the health industry, specifically on the website of the dietary supplement manufacturer Grinday. We’ll explore the challenges Grinday faced and how the RetJet platform helped streamline this process.

Before implementing RetJet: Paper forms and lack of data

Returns in the dietary supplement industry are not frequent, but for Grinday, they posed a problem as this process significantly deviated from the company’s other automated operations. This was a challenge as the company aimed for full automation of all its processes.

Lack of historical data on returns, their reasons, and the impact of marketing actions on these processes further complicated the situation. Returns were handled manually using paper forms, and the information from them was not digitally integrated, which made analysis and optimization difficult. Was there a solution that could streamline this aspect of Grinday’s operations?

Implementing RetJet: A simple and fast solution

Grinday decided to integrate its return management system with the RetJet platform. The process turned out to be simple and intuitive, taking just 30 minutes. Configuration on the RetJet side mainly involved adding company data and choosing a sales channel. The last step was placing the return form code directly on the store’s website (replacing the paper form), which allowed for immediate system activation.

The entire process went smoothly, without the need to engage external agencies or developers. What benefits did this solution bring?

After implementation: Digitization of the return process

After implementing RetJet, Grinday significantly improved the digitization of the return process. The process of reporting returns not only became quick and easy but also automated. Now, at the end of the return form, a QR code is generated, which facilitates product identification in the warehouse and minimizes the risk of errors. Additionally, the RetJet platform enables immediate generation of shipping labels, which significantly speeds up the entire return handling process.

These changes effectively respond to previous challenges, such as the lack of historical data and difficulties in analysis and return management, allowing for better control and operational efficiency.

Benefits from implementing RetJet

Thanks to RetJet, Grinday has significantly improved return management. Centralizing data has enabled identification of the main reasons for returns, and in response, the company expanded product descriptions and clarified ambiguous entries. These changes not only increased control over the return process but also improved customer service, leading to savings and increasing customer satisfaction, who positively received this improvement.


As we can see, Grinday’s decision to partner with RetJet turned out to be right on target. Digitizing the return process not only streamlined internal operations but also positively impacted customer relations.

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